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Patient Testimonials

"Sean is Awesome He is very knowledgeable, he cares about each one of his patients and he makes Physical Therapy fun"


"The Director at Specialized PT is someone who is skilled in developing a program that will be tailored to your needs and abilities He makes a great effort to make your therapy experience fun but caring at the same time Above all he knows how to get results Sean, thanks for showing me the latest hands on techniques for low back pain and knee replacements"


"Sean is a very skilled and knowledgeable practitioner He provides his services in a professional manner and always takes the time to explain the process and system Additionally, Sean is fun and clearly enjoys the work he does So happy he chose to start his business in Asheville"


"Sean Simonds is an amazing Physical Therapist He treated me for neck pain and headaches and really helped me learn how to alleviate my symptoms and taught me how to prevent my pain from returning His knowledge of the body and how it all works and connects is truly amazing He is a passionate and driven professional and his positive and fun loving attitude made all the difference in my experience Thank you Sean"


"I have nothing but amazing things to say about Sean He is extremely professional and I am very impressed with his diagnostic abilities He was able to zero in on my issues and knows just how far to push me to get results I know that when I am able to go back to running, I am going to be a lot stronger and more confident in my abilities Thank You so much Sean"


"Sean makes you feel comfortable, is super knowledgeable and will refer you to who you need, should you need further treatment Offered s few great suggestions for some hip pain experienced at 30 weeks pregnant Space is wonderful with huge Windows, happy to be partnered with SPT"


"So moral of the story don't be an idiot like me and let old injuries keep you from doing what you love, Specialized will get you out an running again or biking, or rowing, or being a moron and jumping off huge cliffs, or whatever your passion is Did I mention everyone at the office is super friendly Because they are"


"I have been seeing Sean for PT for over 2 months now He has been a huge help in getting my body ready for running again Six years ago I endured a very serious back injury and after seeing other PT's and orthopedists, I didn't think I would be able to run again without pain Sean is always willing to spend as much time as I need to answer questions and makes me feel at ease with the process Thank you Sean for getting me back in my running shoes"


"Great experience with Sean at Specialized Physical Therapy He spent more time getting to the root of my problem than any healthcare provider ever has I've had back pain for 20 years I've had chiropractic work, injections, massage all with minimal change 1 session with Sean has been more productive than all of that combined I look forward to a full recovery thanks to Sean at Specialized Physical Therapy"


"Great experience with Dr Simonds The young man knows what he is doing The credentials are impressive His demeanor is impressive Everything about him is impressive Couldn't recommend him highly enough"


"I have not received treatment from Sean, but I have had patients strongly recommend him If half of what they say is true, this guy is a class act and excellent at what he does Congrats Sean and I hope things continue to go well for you"

Dr. James

"You have returned to me a feeling of normality that I did not think was possible In so doing, you have changed my life for the better Thank you for the opportunity I will never forget"


"Without your friendship, encouragement, and of course your tremendous medical expertise, my bicycling, mountain biking, motorcycling, and normal walking would have just been a distant memoryThank you"


"You were an inspiration to me to keep pushing and keep trying and by the holiday gala I was dancing Thank you"


"Thank you Sean for everything you've done for meYou've helped me recover to my normal self"


"Thank you for all of your time, skill, and kindnessI have hope again"


"Thanks Sean for being an outstanding physical therapist and an even better personYou've done an excellent job getting this body ready to get back on the ice"


"You are the consummate professionalI know where to come when I have another problem"


"Thank you for taking good care of me over the past couple yearsYou have helped me extend my golf life"


I would like to compliment one individual in particular, though there are compliments I could hand out about many. That individual is Bob Conrad. I find him engaged, interested, creative and supportive. He truly seems to love what he is doing and is helpful. For his very positive attitude, I commend him. And that is not to say that others do not have the same love and interest in what they are doing, but as I have interacted with Bob more recently, I found him exceptional in this regard.


This was a wonderful experience from my first phone call to schedule an appointment.  Sherry at the front desk is always cheery and a welcoming face.  The team of therapists and other staff were always professional while also being fun loving, turning a potentially unpleasant/painful appointment into one filled with laughs.  Dr. Koch was very knowledgable about how to help me and went above and beyond to understand and address my specific lifestyle goals beyond just pain-free daily living.  I felt like I was in good hands throughout the entire process and have been telling friends and coworkers about this practice because I had such a great experience.  Keep up the great work and let Liz choose the music. :)

Sean and Jackie anre wonderful caregivers I absolutely love going there for my therapy. They are a joy to work with and I appreciate them so much.

My experience has been outstanding.  The staff, clinicians and doctor are knowledgeable, professional and friendly.  They are responsive to my questions, and readily provide information about my daily activities and how I can accommodate my I juries and move safely in my daily activities.  I am pleased and impressed!

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