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What is a Concussion?



New Guidelines for Pediatric Concussion:



What to do if you think you have a concussion:

  1. Medical Assessment
    Evaluation by medical professional trained in concussion management

  2. Rest
    24-48 hours, depending on symptoms

  3. Symptom-Limited Activity
    Easy walk, nothing that makes symptoms worse, or causes new symptoms to appear

  4. Light Exercise
    Medium effort, light sweat, about 20 minutes

  5. Sport-Specific Activity
    Agility drills, ball-handling, no contact, general conditioning; about 30 minutes

  6. Non-Contact Training
    Resistance training, increased aerobic activity, complex sport skills, no contact; about 60 minutes

  7. Written Medical Clearance
    To begin contact activities; start with limited contact first

  8. Full contact practice
    Full practice, no restrictions. Should complete full contact practice before returning to competition

  9. Full return to competition
    No restrictions

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Concussion Rehab Services We Offer:

  • Evaluation/testing
  • Vestibular therapy
  • Cervical therapy
  • Post-traumatic migraine treatment
  • Graduated Return-to-Play protocol
  • Sports-specific training/reconditioning

More Resources:

ImPACT Concussion Education:

State Interscholastic Athletics Associations:

National Athletic Trainers Assocation (NATA):

Center for Disease Control (CDC):



  • Concussion rehab-trained PTs at each clinic
    • Candler
      • Jim Gregory, PT, DPT, OCS, MTC, CSCS, USAW
    • North Asheville
      • Taylor Leiby, PT, DPT, OCS
    • South Asheville
      • Sean Simonds, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, CKTP
    • Hendersonville
      • Andrew Grissom, PT, DPT, TPI
  • Insurance Information (concussion rehab covered by many insurances)
    • Contact our Front Office team at the clinic closet to you for insurance information
  • For provider education:

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