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Using the Core in Active Plank

July 10, 2018

Did you know that our core is the foundation for all movement? We literally couldn’t even stand without some activation of these muscles.

So what is “the core”? It’s your body’s powerhouse and it consists of many muscle groups besides just your abdominals. The core is essentially the trunk area from the upper to lower back, stomach, pelvic region, and even your bottom. Each area of the core works together to provide our foundation for movement. 

Where do I begin? You’ll want to start out on a mat on your hands and knees to find neutral spine. Be sure your low back is not swayed and your belly button is pulled in slightly toward your spine. Also check your upper body- is it rounded or arched? Take a look in a mirror beside you to check for these differences. A neutral spine is close to flat with only slight natural curves. Then if you are able, move into a plank position keeping these cues in mind. 

The plank position is great for increasing strength. In this video I show how to do a plank both from a mat and for a greater challenge, from the TRX. (Turn up the volume to hear cues on correct form.)

Want to work with the TRX equipment in our clinic, but not sure where to begin?  I can customize a workout specifically for you and your goals. Email me at mkuhnen@specializednc.com to set up a FREE personal training consultation!

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