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5 Ways to a Happier & Healthier 2019

January 11, 2019

1. Drop in for a new fitness class

Crosstraining is a simple and effective way to reduce injuries and change up the routine to decrease boredom.  Did you know MADabolic offers a positive experience with high intensity interval training?  It is appropriate for all levels and can provide a great boost for your routine.  If you are interested in a little more competition and technology, try Orange Theory Fitness for a great cardio workout.  Another benefit of crosstraining is giving your body a break from the same old routine.  If you are used to a faster pace, try slowing things down and taking care of your spine with Pilates at Pilates Performance Inc.

2. Try a new hiking trail

There are so many benefits to being outside.  The fresh air, variable terrain, and just being in nature has been shown to increase emotional well-being and feelings of happiness.  And who wouldn’t want to be outside when we have the Blue Ridge Mountains in our backyard?

Try out these great hikes and post some pictures in the comments section!

 Craggy Gardens
Bent Creek
Graveyard Fields

3. Get a biomechanics check-up

Most of us schedule annual check ups with our primary care physicians to see where we are for the year and identify potential areas to improve.  Did you know we can do the same thing with physical therapy?  Physical therapists are the movement specialists in the healthcare field and are uniquely positioned to assess how you move and make recommendations to stay moving pain free for the new year and beyond. 


4. Meet your local dietician

Did you know BCBS covers dieticians 100%?  Dieticians are experts in nutrition and regulation of diet.  They can help you assess your current diet and design a plan based on your goals.  Trying to lose weight?  Get toned?  Improve your control of diabetes?  Dieticians can help with all of these things and so much more.  Learn more about our local partners:
Michelle Shelfer
Denise Barratt
Taft Draper
Kendra Gaffney

5. Need weekly motivation

Sometimes people need a more routine motivation and accountability.  Personal trainers are a great professional to help assess, set, an monitor general fitness and wellness goals.  We love people like Michelle Kuhnen who are upbeat, positive, and works with all levels of people.  Whether you are trying to get moving for the first time, lose weight, or train for a marathon, a personal trainer might be a great way for you to reach your goals.

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