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Our Company

At Specialized Physical Therapy our mission is simple, to provide the best care to the best communities. We are part of a group of award-winning private practice physical therapy clinics and have four accessible locations in Western North Carolina. We boast highly educated practitioners. We are preferred providers for most insurance plans and even offer very reasonable self-pay rates.

With the help of our staff and patients, we continue to strive towards our common goal of bettering our community. We are actively involved in our communities through sponsorships and participation in a variety of events and activities.

For more information about any of our community involvement programs, please contact Carly Gundlach at (828) 337-0289 or email: carly.gundlach@specializednc.com.

Our team operates under a unique collaborative model where the motto “All for one and one for all!” rings true.  All of the profits generated by our team are invested back into our company and the communities we serve rather than being siphoned off to owners or corporate shareholders. Team members receive annual “profit-sharing” contributions in addition to the robust creation of opportunities tailored to team members’ specific goals and aspirations. We work together towards common goals for mutual benefit!

Company Mission

Movement for Life clinics strive to provide wide-access to a physically active lifestyle through services efficiently delivered by able professionals in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere as part of the communities we serve.

Core Values

  • Care and Compassion for the Client Comes First
  • Pride in the Services Offered
  • Community Minded Approach

Company Vision

  • Recruit, Retain & Reward the Best Employees
  • Provide Cutting Edge Services & Management
  • Expansion and Growth of our People, our Services, our Facilities, and our Company
  • Effective and Efficient Communication and Teamwork

Clinic Vision

  • Atmosphere
  • Provide Quality Care (Ability)
  • Access

Support Vision

  • Customer Service
  • Help Clinics’ Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Minimize Risks

Community Involvement

Supporting our community is the heart of what we do at Specialized Physical Therapy. We frequently volunteer our services, sponsor events, and partner with other local businesses. Please contact us if you’d like Specialized to be involved with your organization or upcoming event!”

National Award Winner

The Movement for Life Team was awarded the 2012 Jane L. Snyder National Private Practice of the Year Award. This award is granted annually by the Private Practice Section (PPS) of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). It is given to recognize colleagues who have made outstanding and innovative contributions to the physical therapy profession and in support of private practice physical therapy.

This honor is the result of the cumulative efforts of Movement for Life. We are enormously proud of the people that come together every day to support, promote, and provide physical therapy services to the communities that we have the opportunity to serve. “With all these remarkable people we’ve embodied four key points in our vision – to recruit, retain, and reward the best people; to provide cutting edge service; to expand and grow our people, our company, our services, and our facilities; and to do it all through efficient and effective communication and teamwork,” said Jim Glinn, Jr., founder of Team Movement for Life, as he accepted the award.

“The bar for community service was set very high by Dr. Jane Snyder; and the Movement for Life clinics are active members of their communities. They partner with local high schools to provide athletic training services to their students. They’re involved in community outreach programs and support many charitable organizations through community fundraising events,” said the award presenter.

At Specialized Physical Therapy, Movement for Life is everything we do. Improving and enhancing the lives of our team and the communities we serve. We believe that we can change more lives together than we can alone. We love what we do. We love helping people. We love providing Movement for Life.

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